AAEEBL Southeast Conference 2014 Ignite Session: Grad Hat ePortfolio Story

AAEEBL Southeast Conference 2014
Conference Schedule
Georgia Center
University of Georgia
Monday, November 10th, 2014
4:30 PM to 5:00 PM
Room KL

Ignite Session

Ignite Session: Grad Hat Portfolio Story

Following a Trending Academic Tradition of Graduating College Seniors: Using the Mortarboard as a Grad Hat Eportfolio Story

Session Presenters:

Dr. Rebecca Casey, Chair, Department of University Studies, Associate Professor of English, Kennesaw State University
Dr. Joan E. Leichter Dominick, Senior Year Seminar Course Coordinator, Associate Professor of Communication, Kennesaw State University


Grad Hat Story


One way of answering the question “How do I know if portfolios are working” is by following a trending academic tradition of graduating college seniors using their mortarboards an innovative eportfolio format. A sample of what I call a Grad Hat Story is seeing “Hire Me” with a QR Code posted on top a graduating senior’s mortarboard, leading directly to her or his eportfolio.

At my institution, the Kennesaw State University Alumni Association has set up a Pinterest Board featuring the Grad Hat Stories of our graduates, with the permission of the graduates. It is inspiring to view the new graduates stories posted on their mortarboards. I have Caryn Young, Interim Director of the Kennesaw State University Alumni Association visit my classes to discuss this trending academic tradition, among other related topics. To further inspire the students in my KSU 4401: Senior Seminar, which is an eportfolio centric course preparing students for life after college, I keep the Kennesaw State University Alumni Grad Hat Stories Pinterest Board posted on my course learning management system homepage (Desire2Learn).

The students have been intrigued by the KSU Grad Hat Stories, so I developed a web resource entitled Grad Hat Story collecting ideas for creating and sharing their Grad Hat Stories as a possible format for their eportfolios. The mortarboard as eportfolio is student driven; I want to support and share information about this innovative trending academic tradition of sharing their eportfolios at commencement.

Beyond my campus, there are numerous innovative ways that graduating college seniors are using their mortarboards as eportfolio formats. This ignite presentation will first, feature sample Grad Hat Stories from Kennesaw State University Alumni Association Pinterest Board, secondly, share resources I have collected that students can use to design their Grad Hat Stories, and thirdly, showcase innovative Grad Hat Stories that have appeared in the media, and fourthly, spark stimulating discussion of the trending academic tradition of graduating college seniors using their mortarboards as eportfolios, sharing and celebrating their commencement with their Grad Hat Stories.

Check out my portfolio using the QR Code on my grad hat which connects you to my website:
Mapping Your GPS: Grad Portfolio Story – Mission + Design + Format + Managing + Sharing


QR Grad Hat: Mapping Your GPS: Grad Portfolio Story


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Dr. Rebecca Casey is an Associate Professor of English and Chair of University Studies at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw Georgia, north of Atlanta. She holds a Ph.D. in Higher Education, Composition and Rhetoric from Georgia State University, with specializations in adult learning theory, computers and composition, on-line writing instruction, and history of Scottish Rhetoric. Her Masters and Bachelors degrees in English Education were conferred at Southern Illinois University. Dr. Casey has worked for over 15 years leading college transition programs. She directs an academic department at KSU which houses the honors programs, first-year experience program, the learning communities program, Sophomore-year and senior-year experience programs, and others. An administrator and leader in the newly established University College, Dr. Casey has 25 full-time tenure-track faculty and 5 full-time staff under her supervision in the department.



Dr. Joan E. Leichter Dominick is an Associate Professor of Communication and the KSU Senior-Year Seminar Course Coordinator at Kennesaw State Unversity. She is an award winning college educator with over a thirty year professional history in the disciplines of Adult Education and Communication. Dr. Joan E. Leichter Dominick holds a Doctorate in Adult Education from the University of Georgia (1990) and Masters Degree (1975) and Bachelors Degree (1973) in Communication Arts and Sciences from Queens College, City University of New York. Dr. Joan Leichter Dominick has served as the leader of this academic institutional elective capstone since 1998, having taught the first course in 1997. She designed the Senior-Year Seminar Course during her tenure in the Governor’s Teaching Fellowship Program 1996-1997, prepares seniors for their post-university experiences as productive national and global citizens. This seminar is based on a earlier academic version developed in 1990 by President Emeritus Betty Siegel, Kennesaw State University. Since joining Kennesaw State University in 1990, she has chaired the Communication Department, won the 1996 Distinguished Teaching and the 1996 Regent’s Distinguished Professor of Teaching and Learning at the Kennesaw State University. She has also taught First-Year Experience Seminars & First-Year Learning Communities.
Thanks to Michael Leitmann, Multimedia Specialist, UITS University Instructional Technology Services, Kennesaw State University for designing, developing, animating, directing and producing “Mapping Your Journey to Life after College: GPS Grad Portfolio Stories” 2014 multimedia video. Also thank you for animinating “One Day Closer to Graduation: What’s Your Story? Creating Your Portfolio (Video)” 2010. Consult: Professional Portfolios: Michael Leitmann

Thanks to the following Kennesaw State University Graduates and former KSU 4401: Senior Seminar Students for being part of the video “Mapping Your Journey to Life After College: GPS Grad Portfolio Stories” 2014 multimedia video: Neha Ali, Emily Rowland Wells, Sean Crampton, and Bethanie Izar. Your testimony is an academic gift to the future students creating their GPS: Grad Portfolio Stories.

Thanks to Jennifer Leifheit-Little, UITS Production Coordinator and Veronica Trammel, Director of UITS, for supporting the design and development of the Mapping the Journey to Life After College: Using Your GPS Grad Portfolio Stories Multimedia Project, Fall 2014.

Thanks to Ben Cope, Internet Genius Consulting, LLC and CFA Team, and WordPress Expert for designing and developing this website and all my Websites.

Thanks to Ben Cope and Jennifer Leifheit-Little for working with me since 2001 on the design and development of the ePortfolio so that students can honor, understand and connect their learning from self to society for the
better good of both.


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