What’s Your Story? Folio Thinking: Creating Your Reflective Portfolio

What’s Your Story? Folio Thinking: Creating Your Reflective Portfolio

1. What’s Your Story?

1.1 What is your learning story? Why create a portfolio? By Dr. Joanie (Video)

1.2 What is your Complete Graduate Learning Story? Foliothinking from Reflection to Presenting

1.3 KSU Thinking Rock: President Emeritus Betty Siegel – What is Your Story?

1.4 Speech: “Looking Beyond the Paycheck” by President Nathan Hatch, Wake Forest University

1.5 Career & Life Vision Resources by Andy Chan, Standford/Wake Forest University

1.6 Reflections on Life Journeys: Carnegie Mellon University Faculty Lecture Series

1.7 Career Storytelling Tools for Job-Seekers: Quinessential Careers Website

1.8 Creating an Elevator Speech: What’s Your Story? Quintessential Careers Website

2 Creating Your Reflective Portfolio: Preparing to Share Your Story in Your Portfolio

2.1 RACCE (Reflect+Assess+Collect+Connect+Express) Portfolio Process by Dr. Joanie Leichter Dominick

2.2 E-Portfolio as Kaleidoscopic Process: Dr. Joanie cited on Dr. Helen Barrett’s Website

2.3 For Kennesaw State University Students, Staff, & Faculty: – storage for your portfolio – use your KSU Net ID & Password

2.4 The Folio Thinking Process & Resources: Dr. Joan E. Leichter Dominick’s Website

2.5 Your Reflective Portfolio

2.6 Your Best of Show Portfolio

3. Getting Ready to Create a Best of Show Portfolio Storyboard: Moving from Reflection to Designing Your Best of Show Portfolio

3.1KSU Storyboarding Training

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