Resume/Curriculum Vitae: Research, Design & Development

Resume/Curriculum Vitae Research, Design & Development

1. Research the design & content of resumes in your profession and disciplines. Discuss your findings. As a result of your research, discuss you plans for the design and development of your resume and/or curriculum vitae (longer resume for graduate school).

2. During the semester, have your KSU Career Services Center Counselor review your resume draft making sure it aligns with your academic disciplines and career plan sometime during the semester. Also, have stakeholders in your career areas review your resume, too.

Resume Resources:

Use The Career Search Learning Module for information on developing your resume and/or CV. Resources for resume & CV:
KSU Career Service Center: Online Career Guide – Consult Resume Resources

Review The Complete Graduate Resource Information on the Resume/CV:

Career Research to Resume

What’s Your Story? Creating Your RESU+ME: Mission + Design + Format

Portfolio Format: Infographics for GPS: Grad Portfolio Story + Resume

Quintessential Careers Resources:

Quintessential Careers: Resume Information

Quintessential Careers: Curriculum Vitae Information

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