GPS: Grad Portfolio Story Rubric: By Dr. Joan E. Leichter Dominick

GPS: Grad Portfolio Story Rubric: By Dr. Joan E. Leichter Dominick
What’s Your Story? Showcasing & Sharing Your Story
Total 250 points

Name: __________________________________________________

Connect Your Learning: Develop the Mission, Design, and Format Portfolio showcasing your College Graduate as Global Citizen Leader Story

Mission: What is the purpose of the portfolio? Is it clearly stated:

Mission of Best of show Portfolio explained for one or more of the following:
• Employment
• Graduate School
• Internship
• Scholarship
• Personal
• Entrepreneur
• Other


Mission: __________
Total 20 Points

Design: Will the reader understand your learning story? What is the best table of contents for your learning story?

• Learning Story clearly defined
• Establish Credibility using Resume & References
• General Skill showcased
• Specific Academic Major Experience showcased
• Use of Supporting Evidence
• Examples of Global Experience Showcased
• Personal Evidence
• Entrepreneurial Evidence
• Other


Design: ____________
Total 120 Points

Format: What is the best delivery of your portfolio? Is the rational for format choice explained in detail? Has all portfolio work been linked to the KSU Online Career Portfolio as required providing a central way to locate and review portfolio?

• Paper Portfolio Format
• KSU Online Career Portfolio Format – Main Best of Show Portfolio
• Pocket ePortfolio: Power Point,
• Web 1.0: KSU ITS Webfolio using Microsoft Publisher on KSU Student Web 1.0: Webfolio Website –Domain Name & Server Your Choice
• Web 2.0: Interactive Portfolio –LinkedIn, Facebook, Ning, etc.
• Web 2.0: Blog Folio – WordPress, Blogger, etc.
• Web 2.0: Twitter Professional Homepage combined with a paper, power point, Web 1.0 or Web 2.0 format listed above.
• Video Portfolio
• Multimedia Portfolio: Mash-up of your choice of formats
• Other

Best of Show Portfolio Mechanics
• Clear Navigation Plan
• Grammar
• Variety of Multimedia Visual Aids
• Overall Impact of Portfolio


Format: ___________
Total 80 Points

Presentation of ePortfolio: Overview of Best of Show Portfolio
Shared what was learned?

Total Points: __________
Total 250 Points

Points Earned:

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