Grading Rubric for INTS 4498 Discussions

Grading Rubric for INTS 4498 Discussions

Grading Rubrics for Discussions: Desire 2 Learn discussion boards  (Ten Discussions worth 35 points each = Total of 350 points)

As part of the hybrid/online design of the class, you will be posting 10 discussion questions addressing the course resources.

  • The purpose is to have you review the course materials pertinent to the learning outcomes for INTS 4498. I have posted the discussion questions for the semester. The discussions are now open through the posted due dates. Dates of discussions are subject to change. Failure to turn in work on the scheduled date results in late work worth half credit. Exceptions to this will be handled case by case.
  • I will have your discussions graded within 10 days of the due date posting.
    Instructions. First, you will respond to the posted question, so that I may grade your participation and response for each of the ten discussions. Secondly, after your first posting, you are invited to discuss your responses and insights with each other. I will only be grading your first posting, not your responses to other student’s discussions.

Discussion Rubric – Worth 35 Points:

Level Description
Meets Expectations:35 – 21 points This discussion post answers all questions in the prompt and references course readings or other materials.
Does Not Meet: Expectations20 – 0 points The discussion post does not fully answer the question(s) in the prompt and/or does not reference materials that should be read prior to responding.
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