The Complete Graduate: Career & Life Vision Assignment

The Complete Graduate: Career & Life Vision Assignment

Part One: The Complete Graduate Career & Life Vision Plan

1.  What are your Career & Life Visions?

Are you planning to work for a corporation, work for a non-profit, start a business, attend graduate school, find a post-university internship, keep the job you have and seek a promotion, join the military, volunteer for the peace corps, etc., do a combination of the aforementioned or have other plans? What are your research strategies for achieving your career goals?

Consult the following web resources; what ideas would assist you in preparing for your career life after college?


2. What do you need to do to prepare for your career plans? For example, create a resume, update resume, create a personal brand, develop your learning story, make proactive networking plans face to face and on Web 2.0?

Consult the KSU Department of Career Planning & Development Career Guide:


Part Two:  Networking Plans:

1. What are the networking plans to support your career goal plans?

2. Do you know anyone in the field you could contact? Do you have a plan to contact them – when & how?

3. What are your plans to attend face-to-face networking?

4. Do you have a current list of references?

5. What are your plans to use Web 2.0 networking such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.?  If you are using Web 2.0, what are your plans to set up a personal brand?

Part Three: Strategizing with The Department of Career Planning and Development:

Do you need to set up a KSU Owlink Account?

Do you plan to check out the KSU Career Fairs and the KSU Career Fair App?

Did you attend the KSU Career Seminars?

Do you planning on meeting with your KSU Career Counselor to customize your career search, create your resume, and practice mock career interviews?












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